Winter is a time where many of your houseplants are… let’s just say, not happy. As a plant parent, scrambling to protect your more sensitive plants during the winter can already be a struggle. If you are going to add any new plants to your home anytime soon, they’ll need to be low-maintenance and equipped to handle the winter indoor conditions. Here are some of our picks for the best winter houseplants to add to your home.

Snake Plant

Winter Houseplants Snake Plant Window

The snake plant or sansevieria laurentii is one of the hardiest plants out there. ​Perfect for both winter weather and a plant parent beginner, the snake plant is able to withstand lower frequency lighting, windowless rooms, drafty windows, and heaters. Because it naturally grows in dry climates, it’s also drought-resistant and tolerant of dry heat. Alice Bailey, co-founder of Forest, ranks them among her best winter houseplant choices, stating: “Their thick and fibrous leaves are often slightly curved meaning they can tolerate a strong draft because the surface area exposed to the draught is minimal. These factors, paired with the fact they need very minimal watering, make them an extremely easy house guest over the winter period.”


Haworthia Houseplant Close up leaves

Given that succulents and cacti are generally resilient plants, it’s unshocking that the haworthia would be an excellent winter houseplant option. Haworthia are typically found in the desert, where there is very little rain and a lot of humidity. They, therefore, do very well in your house during the winter months when you have the heat cranked up. If you have limited plant space, we recommend placing one of these near your draftier windows as they require a decent amount of sunlight, but they can weather the cold easier than tropical or leafy plants. Did we mention they’re also pet-friendly?

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena Marginata Winter Houseplant

Another excellent drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, slow-growing plant that is perfect for your home in the winter is dracaena marginata. In addition to being a resilient winter houseplant option, the dracaena marginata, otherwise referred to as the ‘dragon tree’ is a visually unique plant. Dan Bruce, owner and main buyer at Leafy Plants, says “Dracaena marginate, more commonly known as the dragon tree, is a beautiful plant with striking leaves that in certain lights can look like red-edged swords. Originating from Madagascar, its long body/trunk looks more like a small tree than a traditional ‘foliage’ everywhere’ type plant.”

Christmas Cactus

White Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera Cactus Bloom

The Christmas Cactus, also known as the schlumbergera cactus or holiday cactus, is one of the rare houseplants that will bloom during the winter months. Another excellent non-toxic option, they typically bloom between the months of November and January. Not only will the red or white blooms bring some color to your home during those frigid months, but the plant also thrives when protected from intense sunlight so it’s almost tailor-made for winter.

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