Configuring your house or apartment with the perfect spot for each plant variety can feel like solving an elaborate high-stakes puzzle. To add more plants to your home without the worry of moving your plants from their favorite sunny spots, here are some low-light houseplants that you can buy online.

1) Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron Low Light Houseplants

The heartleaf philodendron is a lush-looking plant without the bright light requirements of tropical plants. The plant is known for its heart-shaped leaves and dangling vines, which are ideal for a higher perch so the leaves can dangle down decoratively. It’s also resilient and able to survive in low light, low humidity, and with infrequent watering.

2) Chinese Evergreen

chinese evergreen plants online low light conditions

The Chinese evergreen has lance-shaped leaves, grows up to approximately three feet tall, and is resilient to low-light conditions. As far as maintenance, simply ensure that you water a Chinese evergreen when the top layer of soil feels dry. When purchasing one, however, just ensure that it’s one of the dark green leaf varieties as the varieties with more brightly colored leaves or pink and red leaves require more light.

3) Peace Lily

Peace lily Low Light Houseplants You Can Buy Online

One of the best options for low-light flowering plants, peace lilies have bright green glossy leaves and produce white oval-shaped flowers when they bloom. Whereas many other varieties of flowering plants require a lot of sunlight, peace lilies can still flower even in low-light conditions. The plant will require some maintenance when it comes to watering, as these plants do best with consistently moist soil. When the top inch of soil feels dry, ensure you water your peace lily until overflow starts to come out of the bottom of the container.

4) Pothos

Pothos Plants That Can Survive In Low Light Conditions

Known as a common beginner plant, the pothos is hardy, generally easy to care for, and tolerates low-light conditions well. They are also pest-resistent and different varieties of the pothos come with bonus benefits. For example, the Jade pothos are more drought-tolerant and the Golden pothos produce foliage that turns a beautiful yellow and chartreuse color. They also produce dangling vines so they’re perfect for a higher perch with low light where the leaves can dangle downward.

5) Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Plants You Can Buy Online

As its name suggests, having a lucky bamboo in the home is believed to bring good luck and fortune. This plant is not only capable of thriving in shady areas, but it also brings air purifying benefits by eliminating benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air while also acting as a natural humidifier.

6) Bromeliad

Bromeliad Low Light Houseplants Tropical

It’s rare to find a tropical plant that can survive in low-light conditions, but the bromeliad plant can actually survive on fluorescent light alone. Thriving in humid conditions like bathrooms, this unique plant is also capable of growing on the ground, rocks, and other plants and trees. They are also drought-tolerant and dislike overwatering, so keep them happy by watering every one to two weeks in the summer and every two to three weeks in the winter.