Some of the most inspirational places to visit around the world are the places that have been virtually untouched by industrialization and remain rich in both historical sites and natural wonders. One such place is The Isle of Skye which is located on the north-west coast of the Scottish Highlands. The name ‘Skye’ derives from the nordic words Ski (cloud) and Ey (island). The island is roughly 50 miles from north to south and 25 from east to west. The coast contains many bays, caves, sea arches, cliffs, and waterfalls.

Most Inspirational Places to Visit Inspiration Isle of Skye TWT

The island contains many spectacular sights including The Old Man of Storr which is a large 160-foot pinnacle rock formation that goes on for miles. The rock formation was created by a massive ancient landslide and it’s named after its likeness to, you guessed it, an old man. The legend states that The Old Man of Storr is named after a giant who resided in Trotternish Ridge. At the time of his death, as he was laid to rest, it is said that his thumb remained partially above ground.

It is also one of the most inspirational places to visit because of the opportunity for viewing wildlife, including the red deer, sea eagles, and ‘hairy coos’ or highland cattle. There is also a site on the island that has been dubbed The Magical Fairy Glen. Much like the Fairy Pools, there aren’t specific legends attached to the location it was merely given the name due to its unusual and magical landscape.

Most Inspirational Places to Visit Inspiration Isle of Skye

One of the hills in the glen still has its basalt topping intact which makes it look like a ruin from a distance, causing it to gain the name Castle Ewan. There is also a cave behind Castle Ewan where it has been said that pressing a coin into cracks in the rock will bring you good luck.