Picture yourself hiking through the gorgeous green Scottish countryside. Mountains, trees, and lush green grass surround you as you breathe in the fresh air and feel a cool breeze on your face. Suddenly, you hear the sound of running water. You approach and instantly feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of your favorite fantasy novel. You grab your phone because you’ve definitely just stumbled upon one of the best photo ops in the world.

Best Photo Op Tomorrow's World Today Fairy Pools Scotland

The Fairy Pools of Scotland are gorgeous rock pools of clear spring water that pours in from the Cuillin Mountains. The water is so clear, in fact, that on sunny days you can see all the way to the mossy water floor. These pools can be found on the Isle of Skye near Glenbrittle and, much as they may look like something from another world, they actually have no specific myth or legend attached to them.

This attraction has gained popularity in recent years thanks to social media and our never-ending quest to find the best photo op for Instagram. And they’re a great choice…The Fairy Pools are beautiful and absolutely perfect for photography. The area is accessible for hikers of any experience level– it’s just a 20-minute hike through the Scottish wilderness to reach the site of the pools. In addition to the pools, there’s also a beach close-by that is a great stop to relax and further appreciate the natural wonders.

Tomorrow's World Today Fairy Pools Scotland Best Photo Op

The habitat itself is home to a variety of wildlife including red deer, sheep, and rabbits. It is also a good spot for birdwatching as it houses a variety of bird species including ravens, gulls, pipits, turnstones, dunlins, and curlews. It’s cold year-round so even though the water is swimmable, you might want to invest in a well-insulated wet suit.