The world is quickly becoming a sci-fi movie, and the latest robot dog with a flamethrower attached to the top is just another example of how far technology has come. But the question is why? There are two answers. One may be obvious, but the flamethrowing robot has potential for military use. Second, it may be hard to believe, but it is available commercially.

The Thermonator Robot

Thermonator shooting flames
The Thermonator robot dog can shoot flames up to 30 feet; Photo: Throwflame

The name is perfect. Meet the Thermonator. It’s a robot dog that can shoot flames up to 30 feet. Throwflame, the robot’s manufacturer, claims the robot dog is the first of its kind. Attached on its back is the company’s ARC Flamethrower.

Despite the design right out of fiction, the flamethrowing robot dog is decked out in advanced technology. For example, the robot is controlled by a first-person view controller. Similar to how drones are controlled. A laser mounted on top of the flamethrower helps it aim. Additionally, the dog uses Light Detection and Ranging, commonly known as LiDAR, to guide the flames.

Thermonator controls
A first-person view controller controls the Thermonator; Photo: Throwflame

According to the company’s website, one of the robot’s capabilities is avoiding obstacles. Additionally, the robot can operate in remote locations. The flamethrower attached to its body is the ARC Flamethrower. Per the flamethrower description, it has on-demand fire-throwing abilities, versatile mobility, and extended battery life.


Using the Robot

Thermonator Robot Dog
Thermonator comes with the ARC Flamethrower attached to its back; Photo: Throwflame

Throwflame says all products are for personal and commercial use. The same goes for the flamethrower robot. For example, the robot could clear snow on a winter day. It’s also capable of agricultural management or wildfire control or prevention. Additionally, it says the robot is for entertainment and SFX. Maybe one day we’ll see the robot shoot flames in a movie.

However, there is the potential for military use. There is a link on the company’s site for government agencies to acquire the Thermonator. With military forces already deployed drones and other robotic dogs, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to use one that shoots flames.

The Terminator is durable, capable of operating in rough terrain, and agile. It’s fit for defense and homeland security.

Depending on what customers will use the Thermonator for, it comes with a hefty price tag of $9,420.