A new and innovative contemporary art exhibit has floated into the heart of the California Exploratorium. Ephemeral sculptures have been spread around in indoor and outdoor galleries, depicting a wide variety of imaginative shapes. You’ll find everything from complex organisms to inflatable light forests to giant humanoid figures. These creatures give the world a new idea of what technology and art can do when mixed together, giving the viewer an all new viewing and even immersive experience.

The exhibit contains designs from a total of five artists or companies, each who brings their unique spin to the table. The artist who created the giant human figures, Amanda Parer, specializes in pieces that explore the natural world and our role within it.

Jackson Hackenwerth’s piece explores “universal biology.” Using hundreds of party balloons, he reshapes complex amorphous structures found within all living things.

Jimmy Kuehnle’s exhibit is the more interactive of the bunch, creating a series of giant cylinders that are lit from the inside. Onlookers are encouraged to walk through, squeeze, and touch this whimsical exhibit.

Pneuhaus is a design collective composed of several artists and their design for the exhibit is called Compound Camera. The exhibit is composed of 109 inflated spherical camera obscuras.

The last artist is Shih Chieh Huang who specializes in creating objects from simple everyday objects. In his exhibit, you’re transformed into an undersea world populated by octopus creatures created from LED lights, trash bags, highlighter pen fluid, and several other household objects.

The new exhibit has inflated the excitement and imagination of many art goers and will continue to do so for the remainder of this summer.

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