Finding that perfect gift for a loved one during the holiday season is such a satisfying experience. You get a big smile on your face as soon as you spot it, already anticipating the joy on your loved ones face when they open the gift on Christmas morning. But what if you could find the perfect present while also supporting artists’ work? We’ve compiled a list of some artisan gift ideas so you can find the perfect stunning and functional piece for your family and friends.

Tomorrow's World Today Artisan Holiday Gift Ideas
Photo Credit: Etsy

Gift Idea: Waen Glass

Husband and wife artisans, Murat and Asli, created a company called Waen Glass. They collectively create beautiful stained glass designs using the Tiffany stained glass technique. The couple primarily focuses on jewelry holders, geometric terrariums, and candle holders. In a featured shop article for Etsy, Murat writes, “Even in the years before we met, Asli and I have always believed in the power of creating something new and unique from scraps, instead of buying what the market offers us. After being introduced by a mutual friend, we fell in love, moved in together, and started dreaming of an efficient and creative life. And that’s exactly what we got when we launched Waen.

Tomorrow's World Today Artisan Gift Ideas
Photo Credit: Etsy

Gift Idea: Mind the Minimal

Artisan Stephanie Keung, the owner of Mind the Minimal, creates unique geometric designs for mini planters, jewelry holders, and trays. The concrete pieces that Keung creates allow one to decorate their home with a piece that can work both as a functional piece and an artistic accent. According to Happily Dwell Keung stated, “Mind The Minimal started as a simple vision to combine the two-element of concrete and simple aesthetics. With the two elements together it creates a unique and distinctive design that portrays the effortless side of beauty for your modern-day home.”

Tomorrow's World Today Gift Ideas
Photo Credit: Lana’s Shop

Gift Idea: Lana’s Shop

Holiday cards and wrapping paper are part of the fun of getting into the Christmas spirit. But what if they also allowed you to support artists and their work? Artist Lana Effron, the creator of Lana’s Shop, does exactly that by creating cards, wrapping paper, and gift tags that feature her own original artwork. These delightful holiday creations are made through hand-drawn designs that are then printed by Effron who works out of a Denver-based studio.

Tomorrow's World Today Artisan Holiday Gifts 4
Photo Credit: Rachel Allene

Gift Idea: Rachel Allene

Creator of her own online shop, artist Rachel Allene takes her calligraphy skills and uses them to create a variety of artisanal goods that are great gift ideas. Her online store consists of mugs, prints, clothing, notebooks, ornaments, cards, and more featuring her original calligraphy and artwork. Her artwork is a message of empowerment, created in the hopes of brightening the days of her customers with visual reminders of positivity.