A new solo exhibition titled Petite Nature by Steeven Salvat blends art and nature on the streets of Paris.

Art Exhibition Paris 2024 Le Petite Nature
Drawing from the series Petite Nature on a building in Paris; Photo: Steeven Salvat

The title of the exhibition Petite Nature is a phrase that refers to a person with limited physical means or a person with low psychological resistance, who cannot tolerate strong emotions. This exhibition is Steeven Salvat’s first solo exhibition in France and it explores the concept of herbarium through graphic games and subtle compositions.

Steeven Salvat is a French artist residing and working in Paris who is particularly inspired by the works of  Albrecht Dürer, Gustave Doré, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Molitz, Mœbius, and Walton Ford. His pieces highlight the duality between the living and inert and resemble naturalist engravings of the 18th century.

Art Exhibition Paris Steeven Salvat Bear Painting
New art exhibition in Paris highlighting nature; Photo: Steeven Salvat

The new project involves authentic plants that were picked from forests and fields around Paris. The plants are delicately dried and mingled with a variety of small drawn animals. The animals in these works often interact with unique objects, pieces of goldwork, and antique works of art.

Salvat’s works are partly composed of several layers of hatching, using Indian ink. His favorite tool, the Rotring pen, allows him to obtain a result that appears close to engraving but with a bit more modernity.

Paris Art Exhibition Features Nature Animals Flowers
Drawing depicting nature on the streets of Paris near bike; Photo: Steeven Salvat

The pieces are meant to reflect on the interconnectivity between plant and animal worlds. The exhibition also seeks to raise awareness of the fragility of ecosystems such as meadows and natural water points, which are often lost in the name of urban planning.

“For me, a salamander, a mouse, or a gecko are as important as a lion or a panda,” Salvat stated. The China ink drawings are then attached to the city’s streets using wheat paste. “The first time I pasted in the street was a game-changer: it made me realize how different the impact of my drawings was when they are three metres high in a lovely street. It’s always fun to share a moment with the people passing by when the work is in progress.”

Petite Nature Art Exhibition Paris
Petite Nature highlights the beauty of nature; Photo: Steeven Salvat

“Little Nature” highlights the urgency of preserving vulnerable natural areas while also celebrating their complex beauty. The new exhibition opens on January 25th and runs through February 11th.

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