Shopping for your friends or family members who are art lovers, but not necessarily artists themselves, may be a bit of a paint. Well, they would appreciate that pun. Here are some holiday gift ideas for art lovers who prefer to spend their days listening to podcasts about abstract art or combing through yard sales to see if there are any hidden gems.

Art Lover Gift Artist Sock Set Photo Credit: My Modern Met


One gift idea for the art lover in your life would be to get them a novelty item featuring one of their favorite artists. Whether that be a Van Gogh coffee mug or an artist sock gift set by My Modern Met, your art-loving friend can never get enough of their favorite artist (and this way you get to show off that you remember who it is).

And, if you want to give your friend something that would be both a project and a piece of art in their home, you could gift them with a puzzle featuring their favorite painting or artist. This gives them a project that can be completed easily (even if they aren’t an artist themselves) and you could couple the gift with a frame they could use to hang up their puzzle once it’s finished.

Museum Pass Art Gift Holiday

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Any art enthusiast treasures their days spent quietly walking through a museum, their footsteps echoing on the floor as they approach the different pieces in quiet contemplation. You can gift them these days by purchasing museum passes for them as a holiday gift. This is perfect for a friend or family member who prefers experiences over possessions.

And the more you know the person, the better this gift will be. For example, let’s say you know your friend prefers more modern art over classic historical pieces. Do some research and see what museums or galleries in your area display the most modern art, your friend will appreciate how well you know their taste. Additionally, see if there are any traveling exhibits in your area that you think your friend would enjoy.

Photography Book Artist Gift


Our next gift idea for art lovers could come in two different forms, depending on who you’re buying for. If you have a family member that is both a reader and art lover, you could give them a book about art itself. Whether that be a book about art history, the history of abstract art, or a book about a specific artist, it’s all about what your loved one would find most interesting.

On the other hand, if you have an art fan that isn’t much of a reader, you could still gift them a book that features the artwork of a specific artist or genre of art or even a photography book. Since this will mostly consist of artwork or photos, it can be a great gift even if this friend isn’t typically much of a reader. Plus, this can also double as a decor gift. If there is a particular page of artwork that they love, your friend could use a frame to hang it up in their home.

Calligraphy Kit Holiday Gift Artist


If your art-loving friend has expressed interest in dabbling with art themselves, you could gift them with a type of artistic craft. This could include a calligraphy kit, an embroidery kit, a sketching kit, etc. We’d recommend utilizing some form of kit as they typically come with instructions for beginners, which will help your friend to avoid getting discouraged if they don’t succeed in the medium right away. But this can be a great way to allow someone to try out a medium of art and to give them their own form of an artistic outlet, even if they wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves an artist.

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