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Artist Transforms House During Quarantine

French artist Nathalie Lété, for example, has spent quarantine transforming her country home into a wonderland of her own making. She has painted original pieces all over her walls, doorways, stairs, beds, and even created some original decorations and furniture pieces.

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Her style is very mystical and colorful with many of her pieces being inspired by elements of nature such as plants and animals. She’s even created her own custom plates containing portraits of different animals, art prints, and silk scarves. Nathalie continues to add new pieces to her house each day and keeps the world updated on her dreamlike house and other projects through Instagram.

In an interview with My Modern Met, Nathalie stated, “I bought this house three years ago. My dream since I was a teenager was to have my own house filled with my art…What I liked especially was the idea of [creating] your own world, kind of a nest, just filled with your own art… From wall paintings to the rugs, from the fabrics to the lamps and everyday dishes. The idea is that you can transform a simple place and furniture found on the street into something special and personal.”

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