TWT S2 E10: Future of Plastic, Park Investment & The Inventsons

TWT Season 2 Inventsons 1

This episode of TWT takes us all the way from durable plastics to the creation of an original children’s comic book- color you impressed? This segment begins as Tamara visits Eastman to learn about how more durable plastics can also benefit the environment since they’d last longer without needing to be thrown away and replaced. […]

Tamara Krinsky: A Day in the Life

Tamara Krinsky Filming

Tamara Krinsky, our Field Reporter for Tomorrow’s World Today, wears a lot of different hats so we thought it would be fun to take a deeper dive into just how this actress/broadcast host/writer/producer/mom/wife balances it all. You do a lot of different things. Do you even have what one would call a “typical” day? Not […]