Exploring the Art of Sound

sound art display in new york

Is music art? While practicing musical instruments or attending a stage show certainly fall under the broad category of “the arts,” music itself is still a topic of debate among artists. This expands to the different genres or ways to create music. A top 40 pop song and an operatic tragedy are both kinds of […]

Narwhals: The Ocean’s Mythic Mystery

It’s a debate as old as the internet: are narwhals real? The answer is yes. Despite being called the “unicorns of the sea,” narwhals are very real creatures that inhabit our planet. As their name suggests, these animals have a long tusk protruding from their heads. It’s their defining feature- and what makes them so […]

5 Places to Experience Interactive Art

Meow Wolf's House Santa Fe

Most museums warn you not to touch the exhibits, but on occasion there are more interactive exceptions. These are particularly common in children’s and science museums, but art museums are joining the movement too. This is thanks to interactive art, where interactions from the guest or artist directly allow the art to be viewed. The […]

TWT S1 E8: Managing Money for Tomorrow

They say money can’t buy happiness, but we can’t deny its importance in our daily lives. And, as George mentions in this episode of TWT, as the world changes we can expect our money to change too. In this episode, George and Tamara explore the ways in which technology is already starting to change the […]

TWT S1 E7: Taking Flight With Drones

TWT truly reaches new heights in this episode as George and Tamara research both air travel and drones. Our two favorite park planners, realizing they need to look into different modes of travel for The Park of the Future, look into various innovations happening in the airline and drone industry. They discover that airlines like […]

TWT S1 E6: Mars, Space Travel and Veggies

TWT Show Stories Mars Missions 4

So far on TWT, George and Tamara have spent a lot of time researching ideas for The Park of the Future, and now it’s time to planet. In this episode, George and Tamara journey to NASA to learn about the history of space travel, Mars colonization projects like space veggies, and scholarships funding upcoming innovators. […]