Rebel Girls: A Place in Her-story

Reading to Children, Education, Development, Rebel Girls

Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich famously said, “Well behaved women seldom make history.” The further we advance toward eradicating inequality between men and women, the more we notice areas where we need to improve. From the television shows we watch to the books we read and even to prominent job fields, most women grew up with […]

MUSEUM: An Examination of Art

Art Documentary

A piece of great art is something elusive. It’s indefinable and indescribable. It’s something one must simply experience. The short documentary “MUSEUM,” published on January 18, 2018 through several platforms, explores the significance of museums, art, and the concept of inspiration. Filmed using the University of Kentucky Art Museum as its setting, this piece includes […]

Jim & Andy: Extreme Method Acting

Jim Carrey, Method Acting, Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moon

Making a movie isn’t always the glamorous process you’d imagine. It’s not always as simple as taking your coffee in your trailer or sitting for hours while droves of people make you look fabulous. There are a lot of real and deep problems a production process can run into. And, with method acting gaining more […]

Unique Ad Campaigns from the Past Decade

Creative Ads

Let’s face it: people love ads. They may interrupt our T.V. binge sessions and their jingles may get stuck in our heads all day, but we secretly love them. Laughing at the bizarre, marveling at the inspiring and, for some, even tearing up at those which are surprisingly heartfelt. It has evolved and become an […]

Hygge: Connecting Nature and Home


Imagine spending a night curled up in a warm blanket with your favorite book, drinking hot tea, listening to Simon & Garfunkel on vinyl with the distant sound of gentle raindrops hitting the roof. Or perhaps it’s a starry night and, gathered around a campfire on a chilly autumn evening,  are you and a group […]