The Art of Glassblowing with Brandon Price

Brandon Price and the art of glassblowing

What if you could step back in time? What if you could walk into a studio and suddenly you’re no longer in the twenty-first century, but instead you’ve found yourself transported thousands of years into the past. You see a substance that resembles molten lava being handled with skill and precision. You see colors and […]

Innovative Amputation Surgery: Dr. Shriya Srinivasan

Tomorrow's World Today Dr. Shriya Srinivasan 3

A new and innovative amputation surgery has been making headlines and giving amputees a new lease on life. Developed by MIT researchers in collaboration with surgeons at Harvard Medical School, the surgery allows amputees to better control their residual muscles and receive sensory feedback. In most amputation surgeries, muscle pairs that control affected joints are […]

TWT S2 E10: Future of Plastic, Park Investment & The Inventsons

TWT Season 2 Inventsons 1

This episode of TWT takes us all the way from durable plastics to the creation of an original children’s comic book- color you impressed? This segment begins as Tamara visits Eastman to learn about how more durable plastics can also benefit the environment since they’d last longer without needing to be thrown away and replaced. […]