TWT S2 E13: IoT Internet of Things and Healthcare

TWT Season 2 IoT Tech 4

In a world where sending a text through space to your partner’s phone is more convenient than walking one room over to ask them a question, it can be easy to take for granted what goes into making that technology work. In this episode of TWT, Tamara visits Avnet to learn about different IoT (Internet […]

SuperTower Blimps- Internet from Above

SuperTower Blimp

If you’ve ever traveled through rural areas, you know it can be difficult to get a signal on your phone. While it’s frustrating during travel, it’s actually the reality for much of the world: over four billion people don’t have reliable internet access. Another 1.6 billion lack voice service (albeit with a great deal of […]

The Evolution of the Internet

Illustration of the internet at work

Less than forty years ago, researchers at ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) began using TCP/IP to create a “network of networks.” This was the first instance of what would evolve into the modern internet. Mull on that for a moment: the internet, one of the defining features of modern life, has only been around […]

Ford, Baidu, and Internet Cars (Oh My!)

Does your car have internet connectivity? How about Bluetooth? Sirius XM? GPS? If you have a more recent make and model, it most likely does. However, the technology is still very much in beta, as it were. Voice recognition and automated cars in particular still have several glitches in the system. Car companies also aren’t […]

The Internet of Things

A man holding the internet of things.

The internet: arguably the most vital resource we have in today’s technologically advanced world. Financial transactions can be completed with a few clicks and a credit card number. All public information on any subject, no matter how mundane, has plenty of pages dedicated to it. Forms of communication that were once thought of as impossible […]