Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

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Japan is known for having a wide variety of interesting words, words that literally can’t be translated into other languages. Shinrinyoku translates to ‘forest bath’, komorebi translates to ‘sunlight filtered through tree leaves’, Kuidaore translates to ‘eating yourself into bankruptcy’… see what we mean? One such word is hanami which directly translates to ‘viewing flowers’, […]

The (Still) Great Barrier Reef

Colorful coral reef

According to pop culture (and some of the locals), Australia is a lawless land of harsh environments and dangerous creatures. Kangaroos and koalas may look cute and cuddly but have been known to attack humans. Nevertheless, while the outback can be hostile, it has also given us no shortage of natural wonders. There’s Uluru, or […]

Natura Insects: The Art of Raku Inoue

Floral arrangements can be a tricky thing to master. The color palette matters, as does the meanings of the flowers and even any allergies the recipient might have… and for at least one artist, making sure your arrangement has enough legs is also in important factor. Raku Inoue, an artist based out of Montreal, recently […]

Redwoods: Our Tallest Neighbors

If you’ve grown up climbing trees (or even just near a forest), you know how tall trees can get. As a child, trees tower over humans and pierce the skies. Their height makes them perfect for daredevil challenges. But would you be brave enough to climb one that’s nearly 400 feet tall? Amid the redwoods […]

Ten Ways Nature Inspired Us

Nature is many things- pure, omnipresent, universal. But it’s also incredibly inspiring. Everyone from scientists to athletes finds inspiration from the great outdoors and the beauty of the world. Here are ten ways nature has inspired people. 10: THE LOTUS TEMPLE Located in New Delhi, this temple is inspired by the lotus, the national flower […]