French Street Artist JR

Tomorrow's World Today Artist Spotlight JR 3

Photographer and French street artist JR has created a unique style that involves pasting giant photographs to the sides of buildings.

Anonymous Art: “Meet” HuskMitNav

There are some artists who keep their identities secret. This makes sense to a degree: graffiti artists would understandably want to be kept on the low, given their art is essentially vandalism. But while the Banksys of the world hide in the shadows, HuskMitNav is more than happy to be in the spotlight. Almost. HuskMitNav […]

The Dublin Canvas Initiative

On the corner of a Dublin street, you see a mermaid. On another, a portrait of Freddie Mercury. Further down the way is a trippy tribute to tulips. Welcome to the newest form of public art- the traffic lights of Dublin. The traffic lights themselves don’t fall under the “public art” spectrum, but the boxes […]