Computer Recycling: A Detailed Guide

It’s always difficult to buy a new computer. So many technical specifications and models to consider, even within the same operating system…and that’s not even getting into the cost. And getting rid of the old machine can be a little sad. Fortunately, when it’s time to upgrade, recycling can take care of what’s now obsolete. […]

Episode 304: Sustainable Hotels and Ecotourism

When it comes to the traveling industry, there is a need for more eco-friendly accommodation and activity options in tourist locations across the globe. In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, field reporter Jackie Long visits Dubai to learn about how IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) is working to become more sustainable and innovative. Not only […]

First 3D Printed Housing Community in the U.S.

Tomorrow's World Today 3D Printed Housing Community 2

Developers from the Palari Group have been working in Southern California to create the first 3D printed, zero net energy housing community in the United States. After obtaining a five-acre parcel of land in Rancho Mirage (which is located near Palm Springs), the developers created a plan to build 15 fully sustainable 3D printed homes […]

TWT S2 E9: World Wide Logistics

TWT Season 2 Logistics 1

No pier pressure, but sea-ing shipping logistics on a large scale really floats our boat. In this episode of TWT, Tamara visited Eastman headquarters in Akron, OH to learn about how tires are made and the upcoming innovations in the tire industry. She also visited Chiquita to get to know their shipping/distribution process and how […]

TWT S2 E8: Paper, Bananas and The Environment

TWT Season 2 Eco-friendly 3

When people hear the phrase “make that paper” they typically think of the green kind. In this episode of TWT, however, we mean that phrase quite literally… though we suppose it’s also green in more ways than one. Tamara spends this episode visiting Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) in Indonesia to learn about how they […]

TWT S1 E4: Sustainable Cotton

TWT Show Stories Sustainable Fashion 3

Now that they’ve decided on an energy source (and backup energy source) for The Park of the Future, it’s time to blazer forward to their next project. In this episode of TWT, George and Tamara start to focus on the idea of clothing for the park- both for park uniforms and for selling in the gift […]

Biofuels- the Energy of Tomorrow

A farm with a gas cannister in the foreground.

Ethanol. Olive oil. Biodiesel. Manure. None of these items seem to have much in common- but actually, they’re all biofuels. Biofuels are exactly what they sound like: fuels created from biological compounds and other natural products. While they serve a variety of purposes, the biggest focus is using it for transportation and vehicles. You’ve no […]

Sustainable Manufacturing: The Bottom Line

It takes a lot to make a little. A 1/3-pound burger requires 600 gallons of water. Iron and steel production take up 3% of all total energy consumption in the United States. Thousands of resources are used to make a single item, and it not only hurts the environment but drives up costs. With higher […]

Breaking Down Bioplastics

You’ve probably been taught to throw your plastics in the recycling bin. The reasoning is that plastics, by virtue of being synthetic, can’t break down into their component parts. If one was to end up in a landfill, it would sit there for all eternity. This is why they’re recycled, so they can be broken […]

Is The World Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Electric cars are far from a foreign or new concept. The first mainstream hybrid, the Toyota Prius, was released in Japan in 1997. Less than ten years later, Elon Musk started Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley. Even before both Tesla and Toyota, electric vehicles were the norm before the Model T took the world by storm […]