Computer Recycling: A Detailed Guide

It’s always difficult to buy a new computer. So many technical specifications and models to consider, even within the same operating system…and that’s not even getting into the cost. And getting rid of the old machine can be a little sad. Fortunately, when it’s time to upgrade, recycling can take care of what’s now obsolete. […]

Foldable Future: The Infinity Flex by Samsung

Do you remember flip phones? Before smartphones, cell phones would flip open to give users access to the screen and buttons. (Oh yeah-push buttons on a phone were a thing, too.) Eventually, models with full keypads, either slide out or attached to the face, would overtake the flip phone in popularity, rendering it virtually obsolete […]

What Makes a Smart Home?

A smart kitchen.

There’s an old Disney Channel movie called Smart House. The premise is that a kid wins a contest to live in the titular building- a house from the future. Color-changing walls, self-vacuuming carpets, and a friendly AI who cares for the family and acts as housekeeper. It’s fairly well-remembered– not for its plot or characters, […]

The Internet of Things

A man holding the internet of things.

The internet: arguably the most vital resource we have in today’s technologically advanced world. Financial transactions can be completed with a few clicks and a credit card number. All public information on any subject, no matter how mundane, has plenty of pages dedicated to it. Forms of communication that were once thought of as impossible […]

Robo-Jobs and Manufacturing the Future

It’s a fear that was once nothing more than science fiction but is now all too real: having your job replaced by a robot. Granted, most jobs are not at risk, as robots aren’t at the level of finesse required for non-repetitive work like embroidery or sketching, nor are they personable enough to replace therapists […]