Sustainable Hotels Around the World

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As an eco-friendly traveler, sometimes you have to work backward when you make your travel plans. Rather than the stereotypical trip planning model where you brainstorm your destination, then look into accommodation options, you’ll often have to do the reverse. The truth is, the world isn’t bustling with sustainable travel options yet. So it’s often […]

Sacha Jafri and the World’s Largest Painting

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Art can be inspired through many sources and, sometimes, it can be made to serve a larger purpose. Over the past several months, British artist, Sacha Jafri, has been hard at work creating the largest painting ever created on canvas. The painting is being completed inside of the ballroom of Atlantis The Palm Hotel in […]

A Miracle in the Desert of Dubai

Dubai miracle garden houses

You’re wading through the middle of the harsh Dubai desert. The sun is beating down on you and sand is surrounding you on all sides. But what is this? Suddenly you see a lush and whimsical garden, filled with houses and butterflies and castles and wonder. Is this a mirage? Surprisingly, it isn’t. Is it […]