The Creative Perks of Tea

A row of tea and tea leaves.

Tea, as a beverage, is extremely versatile and is almost considered a magic cure-all, depending on what is being brewed. Struggling to fall asleep at night? A cup of chamomile will do the trick. Fighting off a sore throat? Add a bit of honey and some lemon and the pain will be gone. Stress relief, […]

Myths About Creative People

A man leaning against a wall, wearing a device of some kind.

Creativity tends to go unnoticed. Despite consuming the results of creativity every day via art, music,  and writing, it’s rarely discussed as an attribute that applies to millions of people. Furthermore, the exceptions to the rule, like an over-demanding director or a finicky musician, often have more focus on them, frequently during their meltdowns. The […]

Cheap Creative Conferences

Creative types know the benefit of a good conference. It’s a chance to meet like-minded people and hone your craft with the help of experts in the field. They’re the best kind of work vacation possible. The only problem is the cost. Many conferences run well into the triple or even quadruple digits, and that’s […]