Natural Wonder: The Marble Cathedral in Chile

Tomorrow's World Today Marble Cathedral 3

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a natural wonder that is so captivating that it’s comparable to a spiritual experience. The Marble Cathedral lies on the shore of General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, Chile. This natural wonder gained its title due to the shape of the caverns, whose ceiling reflects that of a […]

Geysers: A Rare and Unique Phenomenon


You’re walking along a path through the woods when you happen upon a small mass of land protruding out of the ground. You think very little of it until, suddenly, the ground begins to hum beneath your feet. You see steam peaking out from the hill as you approach. The steam grows thick and rises […]

The Explosive Work of Francisco Negroni

Among the more terrifying ways nature displays its power are volcanoes. Few would want to venture anywhere close to an active lava flow, even if it meant getting the perfect picture. Of course, Francisco Negroni isn’t your usual photographer. Negroni, who lives in Chile, originally studied advertising photography and tourism. This changed when he witnessed […]