How Self-Driving Cars are Made

Man in a self-driving car

The wheels turn. The turn signal flashes. Headlights shine and a safe top speed is maintained. Seems like your family out for a leisurely drive on the weekend, right? There’s just one difference- there’s nobody in the driver’s seat. This is what the future will look like…if the streets don’t appear this way to you […]

Ford, Baidu, and Internet Cars (Oh My!)

Does your car have internet connectivity? How about Bluetooth? Sirius XM? GPS? If you have a more recent make and model, it most likely does. However, the technology is still very much in beta, as it were. Voice recognition and automated cars in particular still have several glitches in the system. Car companies also aren’t […]

Daimler and Mercedes Partner to Make First Autonomous Trucks

Traffic with self-driving cars

Gridlock, rush hour, traffic jam…it seems like streets are permanently filled with cars. While options like mass transit and carpool lanes help elevate some of the issues, it’s still a problem plaguing cities of all sizes. One company, Daimler, thinks they may have the solution: autonomous cars. Autonomous, or self-driving, cars are not a new […]

Meet the Megacar: Koenigsegg One:1

We’ve discussed how people have the need for speed in previous posts. In most situations- internet, travel, food, shipping- the belief “faster is better” holds true. And the fastest of the fast, at least when it comes to cars, is the Koenigsegg One:1. First introduced in 2014, the One:1 is the world’s first “megacar.” It […]

Electric Cars: How Production Affects Cost

An electric car charging.

While hybrids are a decently common sight, fully electric cars are less so. Part of it has to do with the price tag (even the cheapest models are close to $25,000). But a larger part is the manufacturing of the cars themselves. In March, BMW announced they wouldn’t be mass-producing electric cars until 2020. Their […]

Tesla and the Assembly Line

Now that 2017 is behind us, it’s easy to look back and identify some industry giants of the year. Not just in the fiscal sense, but in impact, innovation, and legacy. It’s hard to find a company that’s been nearly as successful in the latter three than Tesla. Aside from breakthroughs in car production, space […]