The Future of Fuel Cell Stations

Tomorrow's World Today Fuel Cell Stations 1

Every eco-warrior hopes to see a future that includes environmentally-friendly vehicles. When you currently think of more sustainable options, what likely comes to mind are electric vehicles, which are able to use electricity to move a vehicle. Another common option is ethanol-powered vehicles, which can be fueled using ethanol made from ‘energy crops’ such as […]

Angus, the Farming Robot

Angus the farming robot

Farming is a long-standing, proud tradition…and one that is vital to society. This should go without saying–farms provide us with food, and without them, we’d have to rely on foraging and hunting. It’s also an area that hasn’t evolved much. True, advances have made chores like harvesting and plowing easier, but they still require a […]

Redwoods: Our Tallest Neighbors

If you’ve grown up climbing trees (or even just near a forest), you know how tall trees can get. As a child, trees tower over humans and pierce the skies. Their height makes them perfect for daredevil challenges. But would you be brave enough to climb one that’s nearly 400 feet tall? Amid the redwoods […]

The Exploratorium’s New Inflatable Art Exhibit

inflatable art

A new and innovative contemporary art exhibit has floated into the heart of the California Exploratorium. Ephemeral sculptures have been spread around in indoor and outdoor galleries, depicting a wide variety of imaginative shapes. You’ll find everything from complex organisms to inflatable light forests to giant humanoid figures. These creatures give the world a new […]