Artist Spotlight: Nairy Baghramian

artist Nairy Baghramian's sculpture

Things aren’t always what they appear to be and, when they aren’t, they can provide a visual challenge for the viewer. Take the Cano Cristales in Colombia, from a distance the water appears to contain a ‘liquid rainbow’ but, when you take a step closer, you can see that the rainbow comes from a rare […]

The Art of Glassblowing with Brandon Price

Brandon Price and the art of glassblowing

What if you could step back in time? What if you could walk into a studio and suddenly you’re no longer in the twenty-first century, but instead you’ve found yourself transported thousands of years into the past. You see a substance that resembles molten lava being handled with skill and precision. You see colors and […]

Artist Spotlight: Andrea Zittel

Tomorrow's World Today Andrea Zittel 1

For some artists, inspiration can come from an object or beautiful sight or overheard conversation or something external. For others, inspiration strikes based on how a person interacts with those things or with the world at large. The latter is true for artist Andrea Zittel. Zittel works with several different mediums of art from textiles […]

What is NFT Art?

Tomorrow's World Today NFT Art 1

NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are digital tokens that can be tied to goods that are bought, traded, and sold. In other words, they’re computer files combined with the proof of authenticity and ownership. Similar to cryptocurrencies, they exist on a blockchain which allows them to remain free of hacking or tampering. Unlike bitcoin, however, NFT’s are […]

Stacy Milrany’s Free Little Art Gallery

Tomorrow's World Today Stacy Milrany 1

Picture this: You’re on your daily stroll through your neighborhood. As you round the corner, you see a house with a post holding a clear cabinet. Oh, a little library for the neighborhood, you think as you approach the box. Only when you get closer and peer inside do you realize that it’s not filled […]

Clare Börsch & Biodiversity Collage Art

Berlin-based artist Clare Börsch uses her collage style to envelope the viewer in a unique natural setting, taking them from an art studio to the middle of a rainforest or flower garden. She creates her 3D collages using a combination of natural images which are either photographed, hand-painted, or sourced from online archives of early […]

Artisan Holiday Gift Ideas

Tomorrow's World Today Artisan Holiday Gifts 5

Finding that perfect gift for a loved one during the holiday season is such a satisfying experience. You get a big smile on your face as soon as you spot it, already anticipating the joy on your loved ones face when they open the gift on Christmas morning. But what if you could find the […]

Tissue Paper Collage: How Artist Carrie Moradi Captures Nature

TWT Carrie Moradi 1

Every artist knows that inspiration can come from virtually anywhere. It can come from a trip that you take, from witnessing a conversation between two strangers, from children playing in the park, or even a powerful speech. For artist Carrie Moradi, however, inspiration comes in the form of southwestern sunsets and mountainous trails. Moradi creates […]

Serena Stevens and The Iowa Dream

Everything about our life experience shapes how we view our surroundings, especially time.  If you’ve ever gone back to visit a childhood playground or read love letters written by an old flame, you know that we can see the exact same sights with fresh eyes after we’ve had years to grow and change. One artist […]

Luc Sante Online Exhibition

Tomorrow's World Today Luc Sante 3

One thing every artist knows: inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. It can come from virtually anything, from a walk to the park to a box of old photos from the back of the attic. And one artist that found an interesting source of inspiration for his recent visual art showcase is Luc […]