Exploring the Art of Sound

sound art display in new york

Is music art? While practicing musical instruments or attending a stage show certainly fall under the broad category of “the arts,” music itself is still a topic of debate among artists. This expands to the different genres or ways to create music. A top 40 pop song and an operatic tragedy are both kinds of […]

Combining Art and Science with Mark Dion

Polar Bear and Toucans by Mark Dion

It’s not uncommon for people to consider art and science as opposites. While they are different in many ways, they are not mutually exclusive. For example, both studies heavily feature the use of nature. Landscapes and botany have some overlap. Artist Mark Dion knows this well. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1961, Mark Dion […]

Fly Me to (Museum of) the Moon

Completing rituals or events under moonlight is a classic tradition in many cultures. The moon holds a great deal of significance in almost all societies, from the ancient to the modern. But the moon itself remains far out of reach, accessible only to those with years of training and deep pockets. Us common folk must […]