Quarantine-Friendly Theater

Tomorrow's World Today Quarantine-Friendly Theater 1

Since the world has been put on time out, theater companies are finding new and creative ways to bring their shows to you from the comfort and safety of your homes. One example comes through the Royal Shakespeare Company who has partnered with Marquee TV to bring several performances to your homes. Not only does […]

Getting to Know Tamara Krinsky

Tamara Krinsky

When I say Tamara Krinsky is a jack (or jill!) of all trades, I’m not engaging in hyperbole. She’s an on-camera host; writes for television, film, and print; acts in stage and screen productions; and moderates and speaks at industry panels on technology, new media and the entertainment industry… there’s very little Tamara can’t do. […]

Tamara Krinsky: A Day in the Life

Tamara Krinsky Filming

Tamara Krinsky, our Field Reporter for Tomorrow’s World Today, wears a lot of different hats so we thought it would be fun to take a deeper dive into just how this actress/broadcast host/writer/producer/mom/wife balances it all. You do a lot of different things. Do you even have what one would call a “typical” day? Not […]

James Dean: The Making of A Legend

How does a person become a legend? Some say legends die young, but do they die young because they’re legends or are they legends because they died young? When it comes to James Dean, for example, there’s no denying that his untimely death is part of what has cemented him as a cultural icon. Prior […]