What better time to debut smarter grills than in the winter?  Weber is trying to warm the crowd up at CES 2024 with new technology for grill masters everywhere.

Summit FS38X Smart Grill

Sure, the Summit FS38X Smart Grill sounds more like a rocket ship than a grill but it features something never before seen in a grill. For the first time, Weber installed a full-panel touchscreen on the grill. It also features interior sensors that track internal temperatures and adjust them as needed. The smart grill’s technology monitors the burners and lets you know if any of them are not working. If a burner does go out, the Summit Grill alerts you and adjusts the flow of gas to the working burners.

Weber Smart Grill features an infrared broiler; Photo: CNET

Getting the perfect crust on steak or fish can be tough to do when grilling. The summit grill allows for an easier way to get that crust with the infrared broiler. Having an infrared broiler in an outdoor grill is virtually unheard of before the Summit Grill and could be a game-changer for the family BBQs.

Another first for Weber’s line of grills is the in-grill sensors. With these sensors, the grill feeds data straight to your mobile device. Because of its ability to connect to your smartphone, temperatures can be adjusted remotely. By doing so, it’s no longer necessary to lift the hood and let out any heat.

According to Weber’s website, the new Summit Smart Grill is “available to order soon.”

Searwood 600 Pellet Grill

Searwood XL 600 Pellet Grill; Photo: Weber

Another new release at CES 2024 is the Searwood 600 Pellet Grill. What makes this model different from other pellet smokers or grills is that it is designed to do the cooking with the lid open if you need to. This allows you to cook food on a griddle insert like pancakes or smash burgers. It can still do low and slow smoking or high-temperature sears.

Searwood 600 Pellet Grill has a smart display; Photo: Weber

Using the Weber smart technology, Weber Connect, allows you to adjust the temperature settings from 1-10 when you are cooking with the lid open. Weber says the lower settings, such as a two, could work well with foods like pancakes, or a mid setting like a seven could cook bacon. The high settings, a 10, are great for a finishing sear. Similar to the Summit Grill, a smart, digital display is on the front of the Searwood 600 Pellet Grill that tells you the temperature and other cooking settings.

The Searwood 600 Pellet Grill and the Searwood XL 600 Pellet Grill are lower in cost compared to previous models. They will sell for $899 and $1,199 this spring.