S2E13 – IoT Internet of Things and Healthcare

Curious about the Internet of Things (IOT), George wants to know more about how the web is giving us access to everyday objects like never before. From socks to medical devices, Tamara heads off to Arizona in search of answers.

S2E11 – Closing the Recycling Circle

George wants to know more about closing the recycling circle. Jackie heads off to uncover the science behind poly-use plastics and the strides industry leaders are taking to eliminate plastics from landfills.

S2E10 – Future of Plastic, Park Investment & The Inventions

Intrigued by plastic manufacturing, George wants to know how plastics are being manufactured to last longer. Tamara sets out on a research mission to uncover the latest breakthroughs in the plastics industry while George thinks Park of the Future.

S2E09 – World Wide Logistics

All this traveling has George thinking about logistics. Recalling the shipping operations Tamara saw while in Guatemala, George sends her off to learn more about science behind worldwide logistics and long lasting tires.

S2E08 – Paper, Bananas and the Environment

Curious about sustainable packaging, George says “bon voyage” to Tamara as she sets out on her longest journey yet! While on her research mission to Indonesia, Tamara learns about biodegradable plastics and how water reclamation plays an important role in production.

S2E07 – Plastic to Fabric

George sends Jackie to South America where she gets the inside scoop on plastics and how recycling efforts on the beach are turning ocean plastics into wearable fabric.

S2E06 – Sustainable Dairy

Sustainable agriculture is important, especially when animals are involved. George sends Tamara to Michigan where she sees firsthand how robotics and technology are revolutionizing the dairy industry.

S2E04 – Automobile Protection & GPS

While on the topic of transportation, George sends Tamara to discover the latest technology surrounding long-lasting automotive coatings. On the way there, Tamara ditches the map and uncovers the science behind the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the important role it plays in our everyday lives.