Spaceflight experience company Space Perspective released new images of the largest capsule ever made for human space travel. Excelsior is a test capsule and is now the largest spaceflight capsule in existence. Besides the space stations, it’s soon to be the largest human spacecraft in operation.

Neptune’s Capsule

Excelsior capsule
Excelsior capsule’s spherical shape; Photo: Space Perspective

Spaceship Neptune’s spherical capsule, Excelsior, is 16 feet in diameter with a pressurized volume of 2,000 cubic feet. The size of the spherical capsule is roughly two times the volume size of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two and Blue Origin’s New Shepard. Compared to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, it’s roughly four times the volume size.

Excelsior's interior
The capsule’s interior is spacious with incredible views; Photo: Space Perspective

The inside of the capsule is now finished and when the design lead Dan Window first saw it he was overcome with emotion. Window said, “I teared up. To see our designs become reality and to know that we will be taking people to space to have this life-changing experience in this beautiful capsule. It’s a dream.”

The capsule is meant for tourism flights. Space Perspective hit a major milestone in its development as well. It’s the first commercial spacecraft designed, developed, and manufactured without the backing of a billionaire or significant government funding.


Innovative Design

Excelsior’s spherical shape makes it the perfect pressure vessel. Furthermore, it allows scientists to create the lightest and strongest structure possible. Moreover, it gives it a comfortable and roomy interior. Innovation doesn’t stop there. The windows protect passengers from harmful wavelengths of sunlight. Also, the windows control the heat inside the capsule without altering what you see out of them For example, the color of stars above you or the Earth below you won’t change. Instead of horizontal windows,  Excelsior has vertical windows that provide a panoramic view of the scenery.

Excelsior's windows
Excelsior capsule’s vertical windows allow for panoramic view; Photo: Space Perspective

The spacecraft is known for its size. It fits eight explorers including a captain. Spaceship Neptune aims to set the record for most people taken to the edge of space. The spacious interior of the capsule includes the world’s first Space Lounge with WiFi and a restroom.


Instead of rocketing to space, the capsule takes a different approach. The pressurized sphere rises at 12 mph using a SpaceBalloon from Space Perspective. Already, Space Perspective sold 1,750 tickets for a ride up to the edge of the Earth. Each seat costs $125,000. The company expects to sell at least 4,000 tickets by the end of the year. Space Perspective wants to start trips to space by 2025.