The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the tech industry comes together to release the newest releases and boldest breakthroughs, is just around the corner. For decades, CES has been the global stage for innovation that showcases the entire technology landscape at one event.

What is CES?

CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers. These companies take the stage to unveil their latest breakthroughs in technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, and a lot more. In the past, CES was the stage for announcements like more immersive VR and more tech-focused cars.

Bosch presents new VR tech at CES 2023; Photo: CES

This is where the world’s biggest companies come together to provide life-changing technological releases. Since 1967, companies have taken the stage to announce these groundbreaking tech developments. Announcements are made from startups to big tech. There is an announcement for all consumers.

What to expect

Hundreds of announcements are made during the week-long event. A heavy focus on AI is expected this year. At the forefront of the event is AI and how it’s used in retail, restaurants, and everyday life. New announcements about artificial intelligence are also on the list for the week.

Keynote speakers will explore the innovation of AI. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will speak about bringing AI to everyone and how it will impact the public. “AI is fueling a fundamental shift, driving interconnectivity between technology and humanity,” said Gelsinger. Also on the keynote speaker list is Best Buy CEO Corie Barry. Barry will talk about how Best Buy stays on top of consumer demand.

Smart technology fills our homes. New advancements and technology to make that happen will be unveiled at CES 2024. U-Tec is set to release an all-new smart home security and automation ecosystem. With this new system, people can set up their own personalized smart home suite.

Even John Deere is recognized for their innovation and sustainability in farming. They created an opt-in cloud platform that allows farmers to create optimized work plans, monitor job quality in real time, and analyze data at any time from anywhere.

John Deere showcases farming technology at CES; Photo: CES

Even humanoid robots will make an appearance at CES this year. Kepler Humanoid Robot is being debuted. The Kepler Humanoid Robot extends it automated intelligence to a range of industries. It is capable of intelligent manufacturing, logistics, education, research, smart inspection, high-risk tasks, and outdoor work.

These are just a few of hundreds of innovative technologies being discussed and revealed at this year’s CES.

When and Where

CES will take place in Las Vegas from Tuesday, January 9 through Friday, January 12.