Stress comes in all forms. Work, politics, the fact that your favorite Netflix show just got canceled. You can’t change the world, but you can try innovative technology specifically designed for maximum relaxation.

Melomind Headset

One form of innovative relaxation that can help during these troubled times is the Melomind Headset. It utilizes electroencephalographic technology to train your brain to calm by producing soothing audio sounds to relax your brain’s neuroplasticity. As you relax, the headset will track your brainwaves and modulate the music in sync with your brain activity. This exercise will allow the brain to strengthen while also helping with insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Unyte Interactive Mediation

If traditional methods of meditating haven’t been cutting it lately, Unyte has created a unique experience to help calm your body. It involves syncing a biofeedback device with a computer, phone, or tablet app. They’ve created an interactive immersive meditation practice using virtual imagery and sounds to guide you through an experience, breathing techniques, and to track your heart rate along the way as you progress through the levels of the practice.

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool or larger bathtub at home, one excellent relaxation device for you could be Float. You simply attach the device to your body, enter a body of water, and it allows you to effortlessly float. Floating for prolonged periods of time allows the body chemistry to change, heart rate to go down, blood pressure to drop, and muscles to relax. This technology creates a new form of mediation to help calm and center the body.

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Breathe Lamp

This tiny orb may just look like some mood lighting, but it’s actually a meditation guide. The light settings guide you through different breathing exercises and help you pace your breath. The soft blue light and Himalayan salt construction create a beautiful and relaxing ambiance while the visual of the light movements allow you to stay in the present moment, keeping your mind from wandering throughout the practice.