Imagine waking up one morning and deciding it’s time to take your small business from idea to reality. But first, of course, some coffee. And why not some light multitasking to get the day started? As you make coffee, you start a domain search — and things take off from there. By the time you take a first sip, GoDaddy Airo™ has already helped you start building a legit business.

It seems like something from the distant future, right? Nope. Let’s check out some major business-building tasks GoDaddy Airo™ can perform today.

Meet GoDaddy Airo™

GoDaddy Airo™ is an intelligent experience that proactively builds and grows your business with the power of AI. It’s included with your new domain purchase. With just a few quick details about your business, it instantly provides everything you need to get online and start wowing customers. Here’s where it can start helping:

Domain Name

Kick off the GoDaddy Airo™ experience by providing a few details about your idea. You’ll get back several options for a memorable domain name to help you stand out online.


Those details you just provided enable GoDaddy Airo™ to create a range of eye-catching logos you can choose from, giving your idea the beginnings of a unique brand.


The input from your domain search, plus AI data, also lets GoDaddy Airo™ create a coming soon page to get the buzz going. And when you’re ready, it can build you a modern, flexible website, that you can easily update whenever you need. 

Professional Email

In business, credibility is key. GoDaddy Airo™ lets you upgrade from free email to a professional address that uses the captivating domain name you just grabbed. 

Social Media

Success on social means catchy handles and great content for your posts, and GoDaddy Airo™ can help with both. Let it suggest handles and create posts that engage your audience.

LLC Set Up

Setting yourself up as a limited liability corporation ordinarily means juggling lots of paperwork, but GoDaddy Airo™ can give you a big head start on the process. 

Email Marketing

Even if you’re not a writer, you can still use GoDaddy Airo™ to manage your marketing calendar and reach customers with memorable, engaging emails.

Online Payments

GoDaddy Airo™ can help make on-the-fly updates to your GoDaddy Smart Terminal Point-of-Sale device, so you’re always ready when sales roll in.

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

The more you continue to use GoDaddy Airo™, the more ways you’ll discover where it can help you gain a competitive advantage. From chatting with customers to managing your e-commerce inventory, this AI-powered experience supports you, so you can reach your full potential.

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