We’ve seen an array of amazing artistic creations being born over the past few months. And one company, in particular, has made it their mission to use art to spread positivity across the United States. Beautify, a recently launched sister company to Beautify Earth, has helped control Santa Monica’s city population and litter. They’ve also been responsible for organizing and creating over 100 city murals. The goal of their creations is to bring a sense of community to areas using art.


Evan Meyer, the chief executive of the Santa Monica-based Beautify, said to The Guardian, “We are the platform that connect people. A lot of people have empty white wall space outside their liquor stores and condos, it looks boring and neglected. This is an opportunity to brighten the streets.” Meyer and his team are in charge of working with neighborhoods, businesses, and artists in order to organize and create murals that will benefit each community.

And their work isn’t limited to purely a local level. They’ve begun a campaign titled Back to the Streets, which aims to create 1,000 murals by 1,000 artists in 100 cities across the United States. They’ve created a space on their website where business owners can upload photos of their empty wall spaces for artists to see. Then, artists can create their proposals and contact the business owners and begin the process of a collaborative artistic project.


Thus far, the company has created artworks in cities such as West Hollywood, Pasadena, Oakland, and Seattle. One of the artists at work, Corie Mattie, had this to say about some of the work she has created for this project, “A unique opportunity has arisen for artists during Covid-19, a period of strong artistic expression. Sometimes, you can’t describe a situation with words, so that’s where art becomes more relatable and valuable.”