Traveling From Home with VR

Tomorrow's World Today Travel VR 1

Although current safety procedures may limit your travel plans, VR technology makes it possible to experience some of the benefits of travel from the comfort of your own home. One advanced piece of innovation that allows you to travel from home is Everest VR. This game simulates what it would feel like to scale the […]

Virtual Museum Tours: History & Art At Your Fingertips

Virtual Museum Screenshot

It’s virtually impossible to see every great museum in the world, even if you have a lifetime to do it. Or is it? Fortunately for those who don’t have the means to travel across several countries, you’re now able to view world-renowned art and history exhibits from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to […]

Gold-Medal VR: The Virtual Reality Experience at the Olympics

A skier in the final stretch of his run.

If you watched the Winter Olympics earlier this year, you may have seen promotions for the virtual reality experience NBC and Intel hosted. Thirty different events, including the opening ceremony, were streamed as 360-degree videos for cable subscribers with access to a VR headset of some kind. Those without a headset could use an app […]

Virtual Reality and Theme Parks

In a corner of the Disney Springs shopping complex just outside of Walt Disney World, visitors have a chance to don otherworldly, futuristic garb and traverse through the Star Wars universe. They feel the weight of the blasters hitting them, the heat of lava as they cross a chasm, and are more immersed in the […]