Episode 313: All About The Energy Observer

When it comes to a carbon footprint, some of the biggest contributors can be from industries we least expect. When you think of environmental hazards you typically think of the meat industry, cars, air travel, deforestation, etc. But did you know that traveling via cruise ship actually creates a huge carbon footprint? Research shows that […]

Episode 304: Sustainable Hotels and Ecotourism

When it comes to the traveling industry, there is a need for more eco-friendly accommodation and activity options in tourist locations across the globe. In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, field reporter Jackie Long visits Dubai to learn about how IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) is working to become more sustainable and innovative. Not only […]

Are You Staying In A Sustainable Hotel?

When booking a trip, we typically have several checklists occupying space in our minds. There’s our checklist of what we’ll be bringing on the trip: toothbrush, hiking shoes, pajamas, snacks… do I need a swimsuit? What about a coat? Then there’s the checklist of our goals for the trip and any sites we want to […]

Natural Wonder Jeju Island

Tomorrow's World Today Jeju Island 1

When one pictures visiting South Korea, one typically thinks of Changdeokgung Palace, the Seoul Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the Jagalchi Market– where travelers can indulge in the country’s largest collection of commercial seafood. What one doesn’t initially think of is a small island that is being recognized as one of the natural wonders of the […]

Solar-Powered Yachts in Development

Crystal blue water reflecting the sun and mist splashing your face. A cool breeze whipping through your hair as you glide through the water. The slight rocking could lull you to sleep if the view wasn’t so beautiful. Anyone who has been boating knows that it can be such a luxurious and exciting manner to […]

Traveling From Home with VR

Tomorrow's World Today Travel VR 1

Although current safety procedures may limit your travel plans, VR technology makes it possible to experience some of the benefits of travel from the comfort of your own home. One advanced piece of innovation that allows you to travel from home is Everest VR. This game simulates what it would feel like to scale the […]

Link & Fly: Akka’s Flying Train

Even when you arrive at an airport, your journey to your destination isn’t quite over. You need to grab your luggage and board some other vehicle to reach your hotel or destination. So many unnecessary steps, right? That’s exactly what Akka- and by extension, Maurice Ricci- believe. The “Link & Fly” plane feels like something […]

The AirFish 8: A Seabound Liftoff

The concept of hybrid vehicles- that is, vehicles with elements of two or more forms of transportation- have a certain novelty to them. Most cities with major bodies of water offer “duck boat” tours in buses that can enter the water. Seaplanes allow pilots to land and take off from water. The AirFish is just […]

Going Hypersonic: Super Speedy Planes

A sonic jet at sunset

The fastest aircraft in the world clocks in at Mach 6.70. That’s roughly 4473 miles per hour. For reference, the fastest human on Earth (Usain Bolt) has a record speed of 27.73mph. The jet is 161 times faster, give or take a few decimals. It’s no question that we want our planes to be fast…but […]

The Rise of Uber Elevate

uber air

When we think of flying cars, our minds go to a futuristic thriller like Blade Runner or a comically imaginative cartoon like the Jetsons. It’s hard to think of something so futuristic outside of the realm of fiction- but it could be in our very near future. Uber recently announced plans to establish what they […]