Computer Recycling: A Detailed Guide

It’s always difficult to buy a new computer. So many technical specifications and models to consider, even within the same operating system…and that’s not even getting into the cost. And getting rid of the old machine can be a little sad. Fortunately, when it’s time to upgrade, recycling can take care of what’s now obsolete. […]

Meet Daisy, the iPhone-Eating Robot

Removing iPhone speakers

When it’s time to upgrade your phone, you should try to recycle the old one. After all, if you can’t sell it, the next best thing is to have its parts be made into a new model, right? But who takes care of disassembling the old phone? Well, if you have an iPhone, her name […]

Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell…Oh Mirai!

Tamara Toyota Mirai

By Tamara Krinsky One of my favorite things about shooting Tomorrow’s World Today is the opportunity to learn about new things. In the case of our episode “Hydrogen-Powered”, this meant learning about cars! Full disclosure: I am not exactly what you’d call “auto-literate.” When choosing a car, I tend to have a short list of […]

Aether Airship Concept Design

Airships were considered the fastest way to travel until 1937.  When the LZ129 Hindenburg caught fire, however, the public no longer considered them a safe, viable way to travel. Even today we still remain prejudiced against them, despite any new airship safety features that may be introduced.  Avalon Airships, however, is hoping to change our […]

Are You Staying In A Sustainable Hotel?

When booking a trip, we typically have several checklists occupying space in our minds. There’s our checklist of what we’ll be bringing on the trip: toothbrush, hiking shoes, pajamas, snacks… do I need a swimsuit? What about a coat? Then there’s the checklist of our goals for the trip and any sites we want to […]

Fuel Cells: Myths and Facts

fuel cell

Like you, we are always on the lookout for sustainable energy sources. Fuel cells convert hydrogen (the fuel) to electricity without combustion (burning).  Many first convert natural gas to hydrogen and then convert the hydrogen to electricity:     Our world is primed to use them as clean, economically-viable power sources. Since today just happens to […]

Inside The Reebok Liquid Factory

3D Printer

As Bill McInnis from Reebok Future puts it, “shoes are expensive because molds are expensive.” So, what would happen if you removed molds from the equation? Reebok’s Liquid Factory has created a new way to build shoes from the sole up. Using 3D drawing, sneakers are drawn with a special plastic developed specifically for this […]