History of Winemaking

Various wines being poured into glasses.

The idea of fermenting fruit and consuming it as a beverage- aka winemaking- has been around since at least 7000 BC. And the importance of indulging in the drink and all its side effects is well-documented in several cultures. But why was it so important to various religions and societies? How has the process changed […]

FICO on AI and Digital Security

On an episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, our Field Reporter Tamara Krinsky visited the data analytics company FICO. They discussed cybersecurity and what sort of impact it’ll have on how we deal with our money- and how well it’s protected. While we learned a lot in the episode, we still had more questions. We followed […]

A Brief History of Pottery

Pottery is one of our oldest handicrafts, but surprisingly little has changed in the past few centuries.