Sustainable Hotels Around the World

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As an eco-friendly traveler, sometimes you have to work backward when you make your travel plans. Rather than the stereotypical trip planning model where you brainstorm your destination, then look into accommodation options, you’ll often have to do the reverse. The truth is, the world isn’t bustling with sustainable travel options yet. So it’s often […]

Are You Staying In A Sustainable Hotel?

When booking a trip, we typically have several checklists occupying space in our minds. There’s our checklist of what we’ll be bringing on the trip: toothbrush, hiking shoes, pajamas, snacks… do I need a swimsuit? What about a coat? Then there’s the checklist of our goals for the trip and any sites we want to […]

Rolls-Royce Begins Building Ultrafan

Tomorrow's World Today Ultrafan 2

For anyone who tries to live their life as sustainably as possible, taking a plane anywhere can make you feel a tinge of guilt. You don’t want to limit yourself as far as travel, but you’re all too aware of the carbon footprint that the airline industry has made. Well, luckily for you, there’s an […]

The World of Biomimicry

Biomimicry concept

Imagine you’re a researcher tasked with solving a difficult problem- in this case, something specifically related to sustainability. It’s a project that’s stumped your peers. There are several traditional solutions you could fall back on, but they aren’t as environmentally friendly as you’d like. Instead, you turn to biomimicry. Because to paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcom, […]

TWT S1 E10: Book Concept to Creation

It’s safe to say that the TWT team is booked for the foreseeable future as their park plans start to take shape. In this episode, George takes his Chipper the Cloud idea to Dorrance Publishing to make it into a children’s book. Tamara journeys out to Knepper Press, one of the printing companies Dorrance uses, […]

TWT S1 E1: Park of the Future

TWT Show Stories Brock Environmental Center

If you haven’t heard of renewable energy sources, watt are you even doing? The first episode of Tomorrow’s World Today focuses on finding a good source of energy to power the ‘Park of the Future’, an educational and inspirational park project the showrunners are working on. For their research, Tamara Krinsky headed to Phipps Conservatory, […]

Asia Pulp and Paper and Sustainable Forestry

Look around you and see how many things you can find that are made out of paper. It shouldn’t take long before you have a pretty substantial list: everything from cardboard to bottle labels are made using paper products. Society is built around both its use and its exchange. Something so important to our lives […]