The Running of the Bulls

This week is Spain’s annual Running of the Bulls as the Sanfermines Festival. Whether you are participating in person or watching it on your television at a safe distance, its rich history is worth noting. Not Just For Barcelona… While most are familiar with the event held in Pamplona, Spain, “running of the bulls” is […]

Pejac: The Street Artist for Everyone

The Re-Thinker by Pejac

Street art doesn’t have to be graffiti. Granted, if it’s done illegally, it is vandalism. But street art can be more than just spray painting a tag or bad word on the side of a building. It can be inspiring, intricate, and impressive. It could be like the work of Pejac. Pejac, real name Silvestre […]

Dance Around the Globe

kabuki Japanese dance

Around and around we go: moving, changing, and spinning. This statement could easily refer to either the Earth itself or to the art of dance. In this case, it refers to both. Each country around the world is utterly unique, with its own traditions, food, and even its own style of dance. Though the techniques […]