Artist Spotlight: Nairy Baghramian

artist Nairy Baghramian's sculpture

Things aren’t always what they appear to be and, when they aren’t, they can provide a visual challenge for the viewer. Take the Cano Cristales in Colombia, from a distance the water appears to contain a ‘liquid rainbow’ but, when you take a step closer, you can see that the rainbow comes from a rare […]

Episode 308: Creative Uses For Shipping Containers

In this episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, Field Reporter Darieth Chisolm visits Lazer Spot headquarters in Georgia in order to learn more about their logistics process and how they’ve managed to streamline shipping operations. But did you know that shipping containers are used for much more than getting goods from point A to point B? […]

Quarantine Creations

Tomorrow's World Today Quarantine-Friendly Art

Art thrives when an artist feels uninhibited and free. They can be inspired by anything from a walk in the park or people-watching at their favorite indie coffee shop, but experiencing life out in the world can be a major source of inspiration. Given the lack of world exposure recently, it can be difficult imagining […]

Brett Harvey: A Literal Bodysculpter

"The Age of Guilt" by Brett Harvey

One of the most difficult aspects of sculpting is the fine details. Individual muscles are one thing, but veins and folds in the skin? Seemingly impossible. The key word here is “seemingly,” because, for American artist Brett Harvey, it’s the standard for his work. Born in 1985 in Boston, Brett Harvey is a sculptor who […]

Nature’s Beauty with Andy Goldsworthy

Rock balancing is a classic case of “exactly what it says on the tin.” A person, sometimes an artist, stacks stones on top of one another in a creative manner with the hopes that it will remain standing. Cairns, for example, are pieces of rock balancing used to mark trails. And at the forefront of […]