How Hiking Boots Are Made

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An essential for any hiking aficionado is a high-quality set of hiking boots, but have you wondered how they’re able to withstand every harsh condition in nature from stones to storms? The first step in making hiking boots is for a designer to draw up a style that will be comfortable for the wearer, durable, […]

How Rain Boots Are Made

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With spring in full swing, galoshes or rain boots are a must to keep our toes dry whether we’re running errands or taking a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood. There are three different processes used to make galoshes, the first involves rubber boots made from sheets. This is when rubber is poured in sheet form […]

How Dumbbells Are Made

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One of the staples of the New Year is setting fitness goals for yourself. Any fitness fanatic knows that the gyms always get more crowded on the first of January as every newcomer chants the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ in their heads. Whether you’re a cardio junkie or a weightlifter, this is the time […]

How Tires Are Made

Inside a tire production facility

A tire- specifically, a car tire- seems like a simple device at its core. It’s a wheel of vulcanized rubber designed to give the car traction and stability in all conditions. Something as basic as that can’t have a complicated production process, can it? Of course it can…simply because of the number of factors and […]