TWT S2 E13: IoT Internet of Things and Healthcare

TWT Season 2 IoT Tech 4

In a world where sending a text through space to your partner’s phone is more convenient than walking one room over to ask them a question, it can be easy to take for granted what goes into making that technology work. In this episode of TWT, Tamara visits Avnet to learn about different IoT (Internet […]

Rollin’ Along with Rollin’ Justin

Rollin Justin posing

If–maybe when–humans finally begin to build colonies on Mars, there’s going to be a slight problem. Obviously, the red planet is empty and devoid of any settlements, and the first inhabitants will need someplace to stay. This only begs the question: who’s going to build it? One possible answer? A six-foot-tall robot named Justin. Also […]

The NEXTAGE of Robots

The Kawada group, based in Japan, knows that the age of robots is here. More robotic creations are taking over menial jobs, like sorting items or packing them for shipment. The problem, in their eyes at least, is that we treat these robots as “equipment,” when they should be more like partners. That’s why they […]

Super Firefighter Robot: Thermite T3

Being a firefighter means putting your life on the line. To battle infernos and rescue civilians, you must recognize the dangers and consequences. You’re risking your life to help others…but what if there was a safer method of putting out flames? Meet Thermite RS1-T3: the firefighting robot. Created by Howe and Howe Technologies in Maine, […]

HEXA: The Crowdsourced Robot

If you’ve ever seen the Disney-Pixar film Wall-E, you’re familiar with EVE’s goal: find signs of life on the same planet the titular robot is on. I won’t spoil which planet it is*, but it’s the same function that many real-life bots will one day have. And these will include little HEXA. Built and developed […]

The Bot of Emotions: Meet Pepper

Pepper waves at the crowd.

People have various reactions when you bring up robots with emotions. Some are on board with the idea; they respect that if robots are expected to work like humans,  it’s only natural that they should feel the same as we do. Others fear them eventually overthrowing us or life as we know it turning into […]

Robotics: Today and Tomorrow

A robot contemplates its place in the world.

When it comes to modern day robots, you might picture hulking, quadrupedal machines that struggle with stairs and uneven terrain. Even humanoid androids that they have two legs share these challenges to a greater degree. It’s pretty unlikely we’ll see a robo-version of the Rockettes anytime soon. But what if a bipedal robot could do […]