Ford Boston Dynamics Canine Robots

Tomorrow's World Today Ford 1

Who let the dogs out? Boston Dynamics recently developed a four-legged robot that can be used for a variety of different functions from industrial inspection to entertainment. The design of the robots allows them to inspect dangerous, inaccessible, and remote environments. They’re also able to be used for data collection and carrying payloads on unknown […]

Super Firefighter Robot: Thermite T3

Being a firefighter means putting your life on the line. To battle infernos and rescue civilians, you must recognize the dangers and consequences. You’re risking your life to help others…but what if there was a safer method of putting out flames? Meet Thermite RS1-T3: the firefighting robot. Created by Howe and Howe Technologies in Maine, […]

HEXA: The Crowdsourced Robot

If you’ve ever seen the Disney-Pixar film Wall-E, you’re familiar with EVE’s goal: find signs of life on the same planet the titular robot is on. I won’t spoil which planet it is*, but it’s the same function that many real-life bots will one day have. And these will include little HEXA. Built and developed […]

The Bot of Emotions: Meet Pepper

Pepper waves at the crowd.

People have various reactions when you bring up robots with emotions. Some are on board with the idea; they respect that if robots are expected to work like humans,  it’s only natural that they should feel the same as we do. Others fear them eventually overthrowing us or life as we know it turning into […]