Manufacturing Surgical Gloves

Tomorrow's World Today Manufacturing Surgical Gloves 2

Although they weren’t used until the 1890s due to an American nurse’s sensitivity to antiseptic, surgical gloves are now used widely by medical practitioners to protect against the spread of germs. The process of creating these sometimes life-saving gloves begins with ceramic molds of hands and a mechanized production line. The first step is dipping […]

Fighting Floods… with Science!

Nothing can prepare you for a flood. Sometimes you have time to grab the few things that are most important to you and you’re left walking away from the life you’ve spent decades building.  Whether they’re predicted floods or a flash flood, the devastation can leave a community feeling helpless.  There are, however, new countermeasures […]

NASA Is Making a Plan for Asteroids

asteroid heading to earth

We’ve all seen the sci-fi thrillers: an asteroid comes crashing to the Earth and the world erupts into mass chaos and destruction. Either that or an alien infestation. Though some of these scenarios are more realistic than others, NASA has committed to taking new steps to make sure none of them become a reality. In […]