Supersonic Style: the Supersonic Green Machine

Green Supersonic Machine

It’s mean, it’s lean, it’s covered in green. It can travel at supersonic speeds without creating ear-shattering sonic booms. No, it’s not Superman swapping his costume with the Green Lantern’s- it’s the Supersonic Green Machine. Designed by the Lockheed Martin Corporation for NASA, the Supersonic Green Machine is an aircraft capable of overland supersonic flight. […]

In Orbit: The Stratolaunch Program

Stratolaunch's Roc plane

For several decades now, humans have been using satellites to get a better understanding of the planet and outer space. Unfortunately, despite their usefulness, cost and wait times have kept many satellites grounded. While this problem has been lessened somewhat by modern technology, it’s still a prevalent issue. This is the very problem Stratolaunch wants […]

Link & Fly: Akka’s Flying Train

Even when you arrive at an airport, your journey to your destination isn’t quite over. You need to grab your luggage and board some other vehicle to reach your hotel or destination. So many unnecessary steps, right? That’s exactly what Akka- and by extension, Maurice Ricci- believe. The “Link & Fly” plane feels like something […]

Going Hypersonic: Super Speedy Planes

A sonic jet at sunset

The fastest aircraft in the world clocks in at Mach 6.70. That’s roughly 4473 miles per hour. For reference, the fastest human on Earth (Usain Bolt) has a record speed of 27.73mph. The jet is 161 times faster, give or take a few decimals. It’s no question that we want our planes to be fast…but […]