French Street Artist JR

Tomorrow's World Today Artist Spotlight JR 3

Photographer and French street artist JR has created a unique style that involves pasting giant photographs to the sides of buildings.

Abandoned Pittsburgh, Chuck Beard Interview

Abandoned Pittsburgh Years Photography

For some photographers, inspiration strikes when they stumble upon a sight (or site) they find particularly beautiful. For published photographer, writer, and magazine art director Chuck Beard, his inspiration struck when he stumbled upon the complete opposite. Instead of finding beauty where it’s obvious, Chuck Beard (nicknamed ‘Huck’) started a project called Abandoned Pittsburgh that centers around […]

Most Photographed Places: ‘Tunnel of Love’ in Ukraine

Tomorrow's World Today Tunnel of Love 1

Slightly outside the city of Kelvin, Ukraine, a two-mile stretch of private railway has turned into the stuff of fairytales. One of the most photographed places in all of Ukraine, the train track has garnered the attention of tourists from around the world due to its enchanting tree tunnel. Also known as the ‘Green Mile […]

Clare Börsch & Biodiversity Collage Art

Berlin-based artist Clare Börsch uses her collage style to envelope the viewer in a unique natural setting, taking them from an art studio to the middle of a rainforest or flower garden. She creates her 3D collages using a combination of natural images which are either photographed, hand-painted, or sourced from online archives of early […]

Best Photo Op: Fairy Pools of Scotland

Tomorrow's World Today Fairy Pools Scotland 1

Picture yourself hiking through the gorgeous green Scottish countryside. Mountains, trees, and lush green grass surround you as you breathe in the fresh air and feel a cool breeze on your face. Suddenly, you hear the sound of running water. You approach and instantly feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of your favorite fantasy […]

Anamorphosis Art: History and Modern Uses

You’re walking through a gallery, viewing paintings, sculptures, and statues of various colors and shapes. Suddenly you come upon a rather odd painting. Standing in front of it, it looks nonsensical and chaotic. It looks like someone had tried to paint a scene but everything is off proportionally. But then you start to walk away […]

Quarantine Creations

Tomorrow's World Today Quarantine-Friendly Art

Art thrives when an artist feels uninhibited and free. They can be inspired by anything from a walk in the park or people-watching at their favorite indie coffee shop, but experiencing life out in the world can be a major source of inspiration. Given the lack of world exposure recently, it can be difficult imagining […]

Photography Techniques for Beginners

Photography is an oddity among traditional art. Everybody with a smartphone has access to a decent camera, but it’s still easy to tell amateur from professional. The technology behind photography has evolved while other mediums like painting have not. And while anyone can point their camera at a flower and capture it, only someone with […]

Nature’s Beauty with Andy Goldsworthy

Rock balancing is a classic case of “exactly what it says on the tin.” A person, sometimes an artist, stacks stones on top of one another in a creative manner with the hopes that it will remain standing. Cairns, for example, are pieces of rock balancing used to mark trails. And at the forefront of […]

Pelle Cass and Chaotic Time-Lapse

Sports photography can be tricky to master. You want to capture the movement and the broader aspects of the game/event, but without overwhelming the viewer. On the other hand, you could be Pelle Cass and want as much chaos as possible. Based out of Boston, Cass’ series “Crowded Fields” shows sporting events at their busiest […]