‘Off the Record’ Art Exhibit

Tomorrow's World Today Off the Record 3

Although art is a form of expression that holds great emotional power, it has also historically been something that challenges the mainstream. It breaks from the mold and forces us to critically examine both ourselves and society as a whole. That’s precisely what is brought to a visitor’s attention in the New York City art […]

Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Tomorrow's World Today Van Gogh 1

Vincent Van Gogh still remains one of the most imaginative and inspiring artists in history. His interwoven views on color and scenery, his personal affinity with his chosen painting subjects and sceneries, and the richly textured nature of his work can never be replicated. And now you’re now able to view his amazing works like […]

Stacy Milrany’s Free Little Art Gallery

Tomorrow's World Today Stacy Milrany 1

Picture this: You’re on your daily stroll through your neighborhood. As you round the corner, you see a house with a post holding a clear cabinet. Oh, a little library for the neighborhood, you think as you approach the box. Only when you get closer and peer inside do you realize that it’s not filled […]

Jean-Michel Basquiat Online Exhibition

Tomorrow's World Today Basquiat 1

Walking through a museum can be an incredibly intimate experience. With each painting or sculpture you see, you get to know the artist. Who they were, what they wanted, what dreams they had are all put into their artwork. And the experience becomes ten times more intimate in an artist’s showcase. Walking room to room […]

Amazing Virtual Art Exhibits

Tomorrow's World Today Quarantine-Friendly Art

From paintings to sculptures to historical artifacts, art can be a very visceral experience. When a piece of art resonates with you, it can make you feel uplifted and inspired. And, if you’re an art lover, the lack of that creativity in your life can make you feel sluggish and dull. Although you currently don’t […]

The Fruit of Wojtkiewicz’s Labor

Strawberry Series #2

Fruit has always had its place in art, particularly in paintings. Rene Magritte’s The Son of Man (the image of a man with a floating apple obscuring his face) is still discussed in both casual and professional circles. Still-life paintings capturing food are abundant. But there is one artist who takes his dedication to fruit […]

New Technology is Making Art Accessible

art and disablities

People without disabilities often take for granted the convenience of certain everyday privileges and experiences. There are the small things like taking the stairs and getting coffee in the morning and there are also the bigger things like not getting to hold hands with a loved one, not being able to view a sunset and […]