Artist Spotlight: Andrea Zittel

Tomorrow's World Today Andrea Zittel 1

For some artists, inspiration can come from an object or beautiful sight or overheard conversation or something external. For others, inspiration strikes based on how a person interacts with those things or with the world at large. The latter is true for artist Andrea Zittel. Zittel works with several different mediums of art from textiles […]

Anamorphosis Art: History and Modern Uses

You’re walking through a gallery, viewing paintings, sculptures, and statues of various colors and shapes. Suddenly you come upon a rather odd painting. Standing in front of it, it looks nonsensical and chaotic. It looks like someone had tried to paint a scene but everything is off proportionally. But then you start to walk away […]

Models Meet Modeling Software: Matthew Stone

Tomorrow's World Today Matthew Stone 2

When the digital and art world collide, it can cause a variety of polarizing reactions. Some will love seeing the medium of art evolving into new and unique creations, and Some may prefer more traditional and textured forms of art like surrealist paintings. Well, there is one artist who is combining the traditional brushstrokes of […]

Pejac: The Street Artist for Everyone

The Re-Thinker by Pejac

Street art doesn’t have to be graffiti. Granted, if it’s done illegally, it is vandalism. But street art can be more than just spray painting a tag or bad word on the side of a building. It can be inspiring, intricate, and impressive. It could be like the work of Pejac. Pejac, real name Silvestre […]

The Fruit of Wojtkiewicz’s Labor

Strawberry Series #2

Fruit has always had its place in art, particularly in paintings. Rene Magritte’s The Son of Man (the image of a man with a floating apple obscuring his face) is still discussed in both casual and professional circles. Still-life paintings capturing food are abundant. But there is one artist who takes his dedication to fruit […]

A Brief History of Pollock

A stamp showing Pollock's "Convergence."

If you’ve ever heard “my kid could paint that!” while in the middle of an art gallery, chances are there’s a Pollock nearby. The American painter is famous for his abstract drip paintings and the source of much discussion in the art community. Are they truly pieces of art, or just a mockery? No matter […]

Ashley Cecil: Mixing Traditional Art With Modern Science

ashley cecil

We live in a very competitive world, constantly reminded that there are far too many people and far too few successful opportunities to go around. Being bombarded with that ideology can cause the average person to become hopeless and complacent. And yet, in the midst of that despondency, there are still those managing to not […]

Paul Sandby: The Father of Watercolor

Using watercolors to paint seems incredibly mundane in modern times. Simple kits for kids can be found at dollar and drug stores, and we’d be remiss to forget that paint-by-numbers exist. And, to be fair, it’s been around since the days of ancient Egypt. But watercolors the way we know them- dreamy, scenic landscapes- only […]

History of Ancient Painting

ancient greek vase art

Paintings tells stories. It tells stories about what inspires us, what saddens us, what we’ve lost, what our society is like, and even who we are as individuals. This form of art is able to capture complex and inexplicable parts of us and it has done so for thousands of years. But where did our […]

Don’t Play With Your Food, Paint With Your Beer

PBR Break at the Tour de France, c. Karen Eland 2013

If you were to hand someone a bottle of beer, they would most likely have one of two reactions: either accepting it and taking a sip, or politely refusing. But for Karen Eland, she would see it as a bottle of paint. Eland is an artist who, rather than using watercolors or oils, uses beer […]