A Slow Descent: Boeing’s Parachutes for NASA

Boeing parachutes being tested for NASA

While the takeoff is the most commonly watched part of a space expedition, the re-entry is equally important. The biggest challenge, of course, is ensuring that the spacecraft doesn’t burn up upon hitting the atmosphere. Another task is finding the proper landing site- most frequently, a large and empty body of water. Instead of rockets […]

In Orbit: The Stratolaunch Program

Stratolaunch's Roc plane

For several decades now, humans have been using satellites to get a better understanding of the planet and outer space. Unfortunately, despite their usefulness, cost and wait times have kept many satellites grounded. While this problem has been lessened somewhat by modern technology, it’s still a prevalent issue. This is the very problem Stratolaunch wants […]

Launching With the Spaceplane

If you want to send a satellite into orbit, you have to launch it. This can be accomplished by hitching a ride with a rocket or space shuttle. Unfortunately, launching either of those is expensive and time-consuming. This is where the Spaceplane comes in. The XS-1 Spaceplane is a proposed booster of sorts designed to […]

Comparing Space Tourism

A man enjoying his space tourism trip.

Commercial space travel is on the edge of becoming a reality. This is largely in part due to the efforts of three companies: SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin. But while the end goal is the same, how do these companies stack up against each other? SpaceX GOALS FROM SPACE TOURISM: While the exact details […]

Robot Bees… On Mars?

Mars floating in space.

You’ve no doubt heard about the crisis facing bees. The bee population is dwindling, and without bees, vegetation would struggle to grow- leaving us all in trouble. While efforts have been made to protect these insects, NASA has an extremely different idea. Robotic bees… on Mars. Announced on March 30th, NASA plans to replace traditional […]

The Dark-Matter-Free Galaxy (and What It Means)

Dark matter may be impossible to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It has to be: it’s the very foundation the universe is built upon. Without it, it is nearly impossible for a galaxy to exist. Or so we thought. Recently, Yale astronomy and physics professor Pieter van Dokkum and his team discovered […]